About Hoian Bike Tour


The Founder

The founder of Hoi An Countryside Bicycle Tour : Mr Phuoc is a local Hoianese and have been Professional Licensed Tour Guide for over 10 years. He loves his hometown Hoian, the beautiful countrysides around Hoian, and would love to show it to you. Riding along country lanes, viewing local life and seeing farmers toiling in the rice fields: all should be done on a pushbike to see the REAL HOIAN.

Mr Phuoc Hoian Bike Tour

Hoi An Bike Tour

Hoi An Bike Tour prides itself in providing a professional experience in a friendly, fun and importantly a safe and eco friendly manner. We aim to satisfy your desire to see the human face and magnificent landscapes of Vietnam whilst acquainting you with the environmentally sustainable aquaculture and agriculture practices of our region.

Want to have fun on a tour and behave in an environmentally responsible way? Hoi An Bike Tour  aims to provide unusual tours that create memories which will remain with you forever.

How to find Hoi An Bike Tour

Our Head Office : Truong Le, Cam Chau Ward, Hoian City, Vietnam

Opening hours : From 8am to 5pm daily

24 hour hotline : 091 234 47 43